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Welcome to the website of the Original Paranormal Adventures UK. Many have taken our name, some have tried to imitate….but rest assured you have now come to the correct place.

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Join us for a full investigation of this amazing location with hundreds of years of history.

A very exciting place for the perfect ghost hunt Situated in Bursledon, Manor Farm was once nestled in the heart of Botley. However, as the main road was built away from the farm, the village grew and left the farm isolated in the middle of 400 acres of woodland and open space. The medieval farmhouse dates back to the 15th century and has been added to over the years, with the last rooms being added in the 18th century. The blackened roof timbers, evidence of the domestic fires used for heating and cooking, can still be seen in the small 15th century open hall. With reports of unusual smells, auditory phenomena, poltergeist activity and full body apparitions from staff and visitors alike, do the farming families who once inhabited the farmhouse still visit their past home? Book Now

What is Paranormal Adventures?

Paranormal Adventures are a group of like minded individuals with a passion for ghost hunting!  We take groups of people (Ghost Hunters) out on ghost adventures, and can spend all night out on ghost hunts!  We love to investigate any paranormal activity and organise events for others who are also passionate about the paranormal.  If you are interested in coming on a ghost hunt, around a variety of locations all of which have many reported hauntings, then please take some time to read more about us on this website.  We offer more than just a standard ghost hunt, we offer a complete experience, we can also arrange private events for 10 or more people at various locations for businesses or just a group of friends. We can also offer evidence reviews afterwards, and most of all offer a genuine sense of community for anyone wanting with an interest in the paranormal.

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