Paranormal Adventures aim to offer the most exciting and worthwhile ghost hunt for all types of ghost hunter, whether you are a hardened 'Paranormal Investigator', or a total novice who has always wondered what it was 'All About'. We feel that by offering some amazing locations and only using people to run teams who we trust 100%, we can offer perfect events. We do not fill locations to maximum capacity, in fact by choosing to keep numbers low, (which mean a maximum of 18 on most events), we feel we can offer a great experience!...... Have a look at other companies that advertise how many places left and you will often see very high numbers....... We firmly believe that by keeping the number of guests as low as possible, we can offer the best ghost hunt but also keep the price lower than many others....... Give PARANORMAL ADVENTURES a try......we wont disappoint you.

We look forward to welcoming you on an adventure soon.




Please check out a good friends Website. Paul will also be joining us on Ghost Hunting Events in the near Future

We are also discussing a format for some future events



Dear Ghost Hunters

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Hello Ghost Hunters

Lots of exciting things happening in the wonderful world of Paranormal Adventures at the moment

We are also offering discounts and incentives to all our past ghost hunters so please email and we will send you a discount code. We look forward to hearing from you



Exciting Adventures Ahead

With so many exciting Paranormal Adventures ahead, its time you booked your place to join us.

With Locations in Southampton, Portsmouth, Kent, South Wales, London, East & West Sussex plus many more.

Manor Farm Country Park is proving to be our most popular location at present and places are selling for future events very quickly.

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Why dont you join us in Kent for 2 amazing locations

Fort Horsted & Fort Amherst. Book either night or the both for a special price.

Only a few places remaining!


What is Paranormal Adventures?

Paranormal Adventures are a group of like minded individuals with a passion for ghost hunting!  We take groups of people (Ghost Hunters) out on ghost adventures, and can spend all night out on ghost hunts!  We love to investigate any paranormal activity and organise events for others who are also passionate about the paranormal.  If you are interested in coming on a ghost hunt, around a variety of locations all of which have many reported hauntings, then please take some time to read more about us on this website.  We offer more than just a standard ghost hunt, we offer a complete experience, we can also arrange private events for 10 or more people at various locations for businesses or just a group of friends. We can also offer evidence reviews afterwards, and most of all offer a genuine sense of community for anyone wanting with an interest in the paranormal.